DERO is new decentralized DAG blockchain developed from scratch to support millions of users with enhanced reliability, privacy, security, and usability.

No one can see your balances and transactions except you on DERO blockchain. You are safe.

DERO is fast, safe and secure.


We have builds for Windows, Apple, and Linux. If you prefer source code, you can find that here. FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and other builds can be downloaded here.

Downloads for Windows

Downloads for MAC

Downloads for Linux


Currently DERO is trading on following exchanges. More exchanges in discussions.


Fast Transactions

DERO network block time is 12 secs, as opposed to 10 minutes.This means DERO travels 50x faster than Bitcoin and BCH.

Privacy by design

DERO network has mandatory privacy for all transactions.

Original Developers

DERO project has been developed from scratch and is being actively developed by original developers.

Easy to Use

We officially support almost all OS Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix/BSD/Solaris, even Android/IOS.

Technology Leader

Industry leader with innovation and features such as DAG Technology, BulletProofs, TLS encrypted network.


DERO project has an excellent community which welcomes everyone and believes in helping out as much as possible.

DERO Network Specifications

12 Secs Block time

1.25 MB Block Size

DAG Blockchain

BulletProofs NIZK

Ring Signatures

SSL/TLS protection


Dec 2017

Utilizing the CryptoNote protocol, DERO aims to be a completely new blockchain technology, integrating cryptonote protocol features for privacy and smart contract control. DERO will be introducing smart contracts on DERO blockchain. CryptoNote protocol implementation in Golang started.

Mar 2018

Implementation of CryptoNote Protocol in Golang complete. Limited deployment on mainnet.

Apr 2018

DERO network migrated to golang code base without a single minute of downtime. Thanks to DERO team with wide array of industry experiences. DERO Atlantis was planned to enhance scalability, reliability, privacy, security and usability of existing blockchain technologies.

Jun 2018

DERO Atlantis development completed with industry leading technologies such as DAG blockchain, BulletProofs, block time in seconds and scalable to 1000 TPS easily. Public testnet was bootstrapped with 9 secs block time and extensive tests of all sorts were executed.

Jul 2018

DERO Network successfully migrated to Atlantis code base with 12 secs block time and Bulletproofs in production.

Jul 2018

DERO Smartcontracts with inheritant privacy controls are on the design board.

Aug 2018

Process to apply for listings on various exchanges starts. Marketing and expansion starts in parallel.

4th Quarter 2018

DERO Smartcontracts on testnet. Partnerships, Enhancements, Marketing etc. keeps continuing.

Before 2019

DERO Smartcontracts live on mainnet.

DERO continues to innovate and improve...

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